Best Mouse for PC Gaming 2013 – Review the Latest

With all the buttons, LED lights, sensors, and technology that comes with your gaming mouse these days, it’s difficult to separate the winners from the losers. DPI or dots per inch is a measurement of not only how fast your mouse can move across the screen, but also sensitivity. Despite what many people would have […]

Best Gaming CPU Processors 2013 – Review and Compare

Putting your gaming rig through intense hours of playing requires a top notch CPU. The combination of your CPU and GPU is perhaps, the most important hardware decision you’ll make when building a new gaming PC. For most builds I try to dedicate around 50% of my overall budget to my CPU and GPU and […]

Best Gaming PSU/Power Supply for 2013 – Review and Compare

Gaming requires expensive PC components that perform optimally under consistent and cool conditions. It’s often tempting to skimp on your PSU because at first, it doesn’t seem like it would directly affect your computer’s overall speed and performance. However, getting a good PSU is perhaps one of the most essential pieces of the overall puzzle. By […]

Best Video Game Console Systems 2011

Most people have a gaming system in their home and some people have more than one. Even if you are … [Read More...]

Best PC Gamer Headsets 2011 – 2012

Having a gaming headset makes your game play more real as it blocks out sound and lets you focus on … [Read More...]

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