Best Video Game Console Systems 2011

Most people have a gaming system in their home and some people have more than one. Even if you are looking to buy your first one, it would be a benefit to review the different kinds that are available for purchase before you actually spend the money on one. Every gaming system is a little bit different and understanding those differences will be of help to you.

XBOX 360 Console 
With this console, you can access great games, HD movies and fun with no controller. It has a built in WiFi so you can connect to Xbox Live. The design is nicer looking and more quiet. With the purchase of a new Xbox 360 console you get one wireless controller, a composite AV cable, and a month membership to Xbox LIVE Gold and a one year limited warranty. You have the option to stream movies or tv and download a plethora of games. If you are unfamiliar with Xbox Live, that is the membership that allows such streaming to your game console. You can play games with friends who live on the other side of world and access music via satellite. The Kinect is a new way to game with no controller needed. For instance, you can play a soccer game and just kick your foot out to then kick the ball in the game. With all the ports available for connecting all that you might desire. Additional attachments that you can purchase separately include the Kinect Sensor, a 250 GB hard drive, a LIVE gold 12 month card and a Microsoft points card. With so much to offer, it isn’t a surprise why Xbox is one of the favorite gaming consoles out there.

PlayStation 3 
This is Sony’s new console and Playstation has always been a competitor with Xbox. So if you have always been a PS diehard, then you will love this newer and better console. The system is superfast and uses less energy. It is smaller and quieter as well. You can play Blu-ray discs on this with endless streaming. It also is compatible with CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-ROM, DVD-R and DVD+R formats. You can connect to the internet while a disc is running which adds to its functionality. As a PS3 owner, you can access for FREE, the Playstation Network where you can download games, demos, movies and various other content. The Dualshock controller makes gameplay even easier with extremely sensitive pressure sensors in each action button. The HDMI+ Bravia Synch allows you to connect your Sony HDMI products without the use of several different remote controls. What your purchase gets you is the console, the Dualshock wireless controller, the AC power cord, AV and USB cables and the free Playstation Network membership.

Brought to you by Nintendo, this device is the ultimate in wireless gaming. The Wii remote functions as a game controller and remote control. Use it as a tennis racket, a baseball bat or a bowling ball, among other things. It comes with a Nunchuck which adds a thumbstick and trigger buttons. You can add up to three more controllers to be used at the same time. You can create your own Mii character, vote on polls both nationally and worldwide, catch up on the news and weather, and even shop. But the benefits don’t stop there; you can shop for games, leave messages and access the internet. It comes with the Wii Sports game so you can get yourself moving and competing either alone, or with family members. All of this is free to access once you become a Wii owner.

Nintendo 3DS 
The Nintendo 3DS brings you 3D gaming without the need for special 3D glasses. This new technology takes gaming to a whole new level. You also have control to moderate the effects to your personal preference. It has both and upper and lower LCD display and the upper screen is where the 3D effects come in. The built in 3D Depth Slider that is located on the right side of the console gives you that control mentioned earlier to adjust the intensity of the 3D settings. This hand held unit reacts to your real time movement. For instance, if you tilt, the game tilts. It also incorporates the circle pad analog control which makes navigation a breeze. With a stylus available for a different gaming experience, you can be even more comfortable playing. You can dock this system when you are not playing to charge it up. The StreetPass allows you to exchange information with anyone you so choose. This can be anything from game stats to Mii character information. A new feature as well is the SpotPass which detects wireless hotspots so you can get information and free software.

PSP 3000 
This portable player has a beautiful 4.3 inch wide screen that gives you great game play, music listening capability, access to the internet, movie watching and so much more. The newest feature is the built in microphone so you can use Skype and other voice activated features. The PSP gaming library has hundreds of games for all kinds of different interests and skill levels. If you opt to watch television shows, you can purchase a Memory Stick Duo with the TiVo To Go Service (for a fee). You can download all your music to the console so you can listen to your favorite tunes no matter where you go. It also comes with a built in WiFi so you can access the internet from any hotspot you find.
The biggest factor is deciding which console to get is to review the kinds of games and how the controllers move. You can visit a local gaming shop and test out these features to see what you most like in a console. Some people prefer a specific controller or game graphics over others. Most game consoles offer the same kinds of features so it is up to you to decide what kinds of functionality you want and what types of games you like to play.