Best Mouse for PC Gaming 2013 – Review the Latest

With all the buttons, LED lights, sensors, and technology that comes with your gaming mouse these days, it’s difficult to separate the winners from the losers. DPI or dots per inch is a measurement of not only how fast your mouse can move across the screen, but also sensitivity. Despite what many people would have […]

Best Gaming CPU Processors 2013 – Review and Compare

Putting your gaming rig through intense hours of playing requires a top notch CPU. The combination of your CPU and GPU is perhaps, the most important hardware decision you’ll make when building a new gaming PC. For most builds I try to dedicate around 50% of my overall budget to my CPU and GPU and […]

Best Gaming PSU/Power Supply for 2013 – Review and Compare

Gaming requires expensive PC components that perform optimally under consistent and cool conditions. It’s often tempting to skimp on your PSU because at first, it doesn’t seem like it would directly affect your computer’s overall speed and performance. However, getting a good PSU is perhaps one of the most essential pieces of the overall puzzle. By […]

Best Gaming PC Motherboards 2013 – Review and Guide

Purchasing the right motherboard for your gaming rig is essential to the long-term stability and longevity of your PC’s components. If you buy a cheap board and a really expensive CPU and GPU, then you are affecting the overall performance of your machine. That being said there are those on the other side who spend […]

Best PC Gaming Monitors 2013

As a gamer myself I’m picky about my computer’s performance, graphics card, and even my mouse. Perhaps what I’m pickiest about is the visuals. I’ve gone to several LAN parties where I’ve used a monitor that was too small or even too big and I just didn’t play as well. Poor response time and screen […]

Best New PC Gaming Headsets 2013

Finding the right gaming headset not only makes gaming more enjoyable, it makes you better. In order to help you find the right headset we’re testing 10 of our favorites. We’ve also made a specification comparison chart so you can easily weigh the price of each of these headphones vs. the specifications you get. Before […]

Best RPG Games 2013

Role playing games are the new craze. Kids, teens, and grown-ups all play games they can lose themselves in. With the Wii being a relatively new system, it has jumped on the RPG band wagon and has a collection of role playing games that are sure to please any gamer. “What is RPG,” you may […]

Best XBox 360 Games of 2013 So Far

XBOX 360 is one of the most popular gaming systems out there. With the multitude of games available there is plenty to choose from and plenty more coming out every day. Here are some popular games and descriptions so you can get a feel if a new game is for you or not. Be it […]

Best Gaming PC Monitors 2013

Whether you own a computer and are looking for the best screen to view all of your documents on, or just looking for a screen to play games on, a monitor screen is very important and essential in the world today. So, to help you choose the best monitor for your money, we have come […]

Best PC Gamer Headsets 2011 – 2012

Having a gaming headset makes your game play more real as it blocks out sound and lets you focus on the game entirely. If you like to play online with your friends, being able to chat is also a fun option. There are headsets listed here for any budget, so find one you like and […]